January 19, 2019 1 min read

Dear Fashion Friend:

The good people of www.aleyacollections.com  on Instagram recently wrote: “Let’s get Valentine’s going.” This red sequined party dress matches those sentiments for a captivating February 14th quite well! Isn’t it exquisite? Its spaghetti straps form to meet as a racer back, contributing to the loveliness of the dress. Its use of disk-shaped beads provides for an enchanting design pattern! I love it!

Aleya’s website offers some great accessories to go with this dress. I would suggest one of the beautiful assortments of cashmere/wool pashmina scarves on display. Or a gorgeous neckpiece made from opal stone beads (listed on Aleya’s website as “Opals Stone Beads Chokers Necklace”). They would all look stunning with the presented clothing!

Last time, we envisioned our model and her beloved having a lunch date at the Red Hawk Bar and Grill in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I can see her heart skipping a beat when she read on the card: “You're not just my life; you're my everything.” Afterward, her beloved surprised her with dinner plans at Sava’s and – for later – watching at home one of her favorite Charlie Chaplin movies: Limelight. St. Valentine’s Day reminds us always to remember this thought by George Sand: “There is only one happiness in life: to love and to be loved.”

I hope that your visit to www.aleyacollections.com was an enchanting one! 


Gabe xo 

Gabriel Kikas
Gabriel Kikas

Gabriel is an adjunct instructor and fashion blogger. He continues to collect fashion photography from the 1950s to the 1990s. Gabriel wrote book reviews on the photography of Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Victor Skrebneski. He also wrote a book review on Sacha Lanvin's biography of Gia Carangi. Sacha's book is called "Born This Way". Gabriel is a regular contributor to the fashion blog of www.aleyacollections.com. He hopes that you find his blog posts informative and uplifting.

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